Branscomb History



Husband Bennett Harvie Branscomb
  Birth 12/25/1894 Huntsville AL
  Death 7/24/1998 Nashville TN
  Note Harvie worked with President Hoover in the Belgian relief effort during WWI and was given a medal by King Albert of Belgium. He was also the author of the book Jesus and the Law of Moses. A theologian and educator who, as Chancellor of Vanderbilt University from 1946-1963, put the institution on the path to recognition as a national university. Branscomb lived another 35 years, dying at age 103. Cousin Alston Branscomb visited him in the office he maintained in Kirkland Hall until his death. He remained active and attended university functions until shortly before his death.
  Father Lewis Capers Branscomb (8/27/1865-10/30/1930)
  Mother Nancy "Nannie" McAdory (6/5/1865-11/14/1897)
Marriage 6/15/1921
Wife Margaret Vaughan
  Birth 1896
  Death 2/10/1992
  1 M Bennett Harvie Branscomb Jr. (3/24/1922-7/10/2015)
  2 M Benjamin Vaughan Branscomb (2/1/1924-7/4/2016)
  3 M Lewis McAdory Branscomb (8/17/1926-)

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