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Zachariah Branscomb

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Cherry Secretary Desk

Written by Armstead Washington Branscome

Contributed by Penny Leggett

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This cherry secretary desk is a Branscome family heirloom. It dates from the year 1798. The desk was first owned by Zachariah Branscome. Zachariah Branscome was born in 1755, died 1815.

On November 6, 1798, Zachariah Branscome married Mazy Towns. This wedding marks the beginning of this cherry secretary desk. Senior members of the Branscome family have, by word-to mouth, given this account of this desk. This desk was built by a slave carpenter. Zachariah Branscome employed this gifted slave to build the desk as a wedding gift for his bride Mazy.

The heart cherry wood in the desk probably came from the Brunswick section of the Virginia Colony. It was here that Zachariah was brought up, and lived untill [sic] his death in 1815. Zachariah's home site was in Greenville County.

Zachariah married late in life (41 yrs. old), but lived long enough to father eight children. The youngest child was George Branscome, and he was born the year that his father died, 1815. The desk was inherited by George.

Several members of Zachariah's family moved to Alabama and Mississippi. George Branscome, with his wife Sally Denton Branscome, took their children and belongings (including this secretary desk) and headed for a new life in the Alabama-Tennessee area. Some migrated on to Mississippi.

The desk passed to the first son of George Branscome, James Washington Branscome, who was born in 1840. He lived until 1910. By the time of his adulthood, he had migrated to the area of Cherokee, Alabama. Here he met and married Julia Franklin Denton, (married in 1863). James Washington Branscome was one of twelve children and they were scattered over much of Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee.

James Washington Branscome and wife Julia, lived on the estate of Mr. Armstead Barton, a great land owner in the Cherokee, Alabama area. James was so fond of Mr. Barton that he named his fourth son in his honor. Joseph Armstead Branscome was born in 1875. Joseph Armstead was one of nine children, and he felt it a very special privilege to inherit the cherry secretary desk, so cherished by his ancestors.

Joseph Armstead Branscome married Sallie Gargas in 1908. Nine children were born of this union. They lived four miles east of Tuscumbia, Alabama. The area is now Muscle Shoals, Alabama.

Before the death of Joseph Armstead Branscome in 1961, he gave the desk to Armstead Washington Branscome, his fourth son. (the year 1958). Armstead Washington Branscome married Martha Jane Uptain, March 17, 1945. Two children were born to Armstead and Martha, Martha Sally, & Thomas Armstead Branscome.

Armstead Washington Branscome has restored the desk, and has cherished the desk as has his ancestors before him.

It is my wish (Armstead Washington Branscome) that this desk pass into the possession of my son, Thomas Armstead Branscome, and that he will cherish it as have the Branscome families before him.

To this date, 1990, this is the history of this desk, and please note that it has been transferred through the male heirs all the way from 1798.

I. Zachariah Branscome1755-1815
II. George Branscome1815-1875
III. James Washington Branscome1840-1910
IV. Joseph Armstead Branscome1875-1961
V. Armstead Washington Branscome1921-2010
VI. Thomas Armstead Branscome1953-

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