Branscomb History



Branscomb, Benjamin Vaughan & Jane Moreland Read about the pioneering pulmonologist, Dr. Ben Branscomb and see the artwork of Jane.
Branscomb, Bennett Harvie News articles about Dr. Branscomb, chancellor of Vanderbilt University.
Branscomb, James Alston Several news articles and book written by James Alston Branscomb.
Branscomb, John Sanford Letter announcing John's death from his young son, various news articles, obituaries.
Branscomb, John Wesley & Sarah Virginia Civil War letter from John to his wife, obituaries.
Branscomb, Louise Hortense One of only five women in the United States invited to join the American College of Surgeons in 1941.
Branscomb, Lucille Elizabeth Lt. Col. in the Civil Air Patrol.
Branscomb, Martha Elizabeth Dr. Martha Branscombe was a leader in state, national, and international social welfare activities.
Branscomb, Zachariah & Mazy Towns 1798 cherry wood desk made as a wedding gift. Zachariah Branscomb and Mazy Towns and their descendants.

Saint Winifred's Church in Branscombe, Devon, England (built between 1133 and 1160)

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